How do I get started?

Please sign up on our site, choose the desired subscription plan and send the payment, we accept BITCOIN only.

What should I do to get the signals?

After you sent your payment and it was confirmed (check always on blockchain that it reaches requested confirmations), you will be added to our private slack channel where you will receive all notifications about signals.

How can I profit from the tool?

The tool provides you extra information in the form of signals about altcoins that are sent to your Telegram. You can use these signals to understand which changes are happening on the market and decide how set up your trading strategies.

Are there any buy/sell signals? How are users supposed to know when to sell? Why that coin is dumping? doesn’t send buy or sell signals. It sends signals about unusual market activity in relation to current trend or market history, factoring volume spikes, price changes, current trend and such. It also detects the support/resistance levels included to signals, so that might give you a general idea of nearest targets or where to place your stops.

Do I receive information only about price/volume increases but not regarding significant price drops?

We do not send signals about significant price drops, because we didn’t design our tool for that.

Does the tool notifies you only when the pump is happening at that moment?

No, the tool reacts to a number of factors, and it might send you signals about a coin for days before any pump actually happens.

For how long are signals valid or on what time frame should I use it, like 1 hour, few hours or day?

Signals cannot be valid or invalid, they are just new informations and it’s up to the traders to evaluate the market and decide what the signals could mean for them personally.

Don’t forget to make your own analysis before buying up the coin and check charts.


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